Sometimes all you really need is a cold one and Wi-Fi.

Need to get online while you're up on the mountain? No problem. The list of Wi-Fi hotspots on and around Mount Hood gets longer every year. And with the recent addition of a cell tower in the foothills, the cellular connection is ubiquitous and fairly strong, with the unfortunate acception of AT&T's spotty-at-best coverage at Mt. Hood Meadows.

The latest Wi-Fi hotspots as of November 2013 are the Wy'East Day Lodge with the big fireplace at Timberline and the Skibowl West base lodge. Mt. Hood Meadows also installed a fiber optic line that will significantly improve connectivity at Meadows.

Here's a list of good places to get online while you're enjoying Mount Hood.

Wifi Hotspots on Mount Hood

The North Lodge at Mt. Hood Meadows has the most reliable free Wi-Fi coverage on that side of the mountain. The connection is strongest higher up, so the Vertical Restaurant & Sports Bar may be your best bet if you need to get online for a while. The Alpenstube Restaurant also has free Wi-Fi.

Timberline Lodge has free Wi-Fi with a decent signal, both at the classic ski lodge and at the Wy'East Day Lodge.

As of November 2013, Skibowl West base lodge also has Wi-Fi. Skibowl invested in a fiber optic line that will improve the resort's bandwidth big-time.

Most lodging properties on and around the mountain come with private WiFi accessible through a password. But there are also a number of public hot-spots for folks passing through.

In Government Camp, the High Mountain Cafe has comfortable couches and free Wi-Fi to wait out downpours in comfort.

Charlie's Mountain View also has a decent Wi-Fi connection across the street.

The Ice Axe Grill just off Highway 26 on the west end of Govy has a serviceable connection too.

In Welches, Cafe Aria may be your best bet for a place to chill out and get online for a while.

In Parkdale, Solera Brewery has free Wi-Fi, although it can be spotty. It's right across the street from Apple Valley BBQ in Parkdale, just off 35.

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