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20 degrees above freezing in January.

Anyone who was up on Mount Hood the weekend of January 26-27 understands the meaning of the June-uary inversion pattern that has been hammering the mountain in recent years.

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The early-season snow on Hood has been deep, light and exhilarating. Rider: Jason Murray, Photos by Grant Myrdalg

A barrage of powerful winter storms have blanketed Mount Hood with a deep layer of light, fluffy snow, and skiers and snowboarders have been hitting it hard.

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Mount Hood got some serious snow this week. Photo by Asit Rathod

The Snow Gods have been smiling down upon Mount Hood, and forecasts are calling for another foot and a half of fresh snow to fall this weekend.

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Not yet. But soon.

The great season-opening snowstorm that we've all been waiting for has not quite materialized, but Mount Hood did pick up enough snow over Thanksgiving to allow limited openings at Timberline and Mt. Hood Meadows this weekend.

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28 feet and counting

Temperatures plunged from the high 50s to the mid-20s this week on Mount Hood to enable another foot of fresh powder on top of a well-compacted 10-foot base.

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An 86-inch snow base as of Jan. 12. Pow pics by Grant Myrdal

UPDATE, 5 PM WED: Whoah! The temp dropped 10 degrees from noon to 5 pm on the mountain today. That bodes well for the latest monster storm.

What a difference a year makes.

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Cadillacs for Everyone rocks the crowd at Pray for Snow 2015.

The snow situation was not looking good on the afternoon of the annual Pray for Snow party at Charlie's.

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Asit Rathod enjoying some April 25 powder on Mount Hood.

You know it's going to be a good day on the mountain when there's fresh snow in the trees, hints of blue in the sky, and everyone in the lift line is beaming and cracking jokes.

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Jason Murray finds some fresh in the trees Monday afternoon at Mt. Hood Meadows.

Now that the season is nearly over, the snow just keeps coming.

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April kicked off with 10 inches of light snow on Mount Hood.

Don't store away your gear just yet, because snow conditions on Mount Hood just took a significant turn for the better.

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