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Laura Green, pictured in her natural habitat in a scene from the new film Winter's Edge.

Editor's Notes: It was a loss for the mountain community when Laura Green died in a windsurfing accident on December 6, 2018. In respect, we are publishing the following article from her cousin, Dale Parshall, a longtime Mount Hood skier and racer.

Mt. Hood lost a valuable snow safety advocate when my cousin, Laura Green, passed away in a windsurfing accident in the Columbia River Gorge this past December.

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Randy Hewitt in full King Winter regalia.

The legendary ski racing coach Randy Hewitt has been named King Winter in recognition of his tireless dedication to high school ski racing and his many contributions to the culture of Mount Hood.

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Jeff Albright competing in Maui on the American Windsurfing Tour. Photo by Si Crowther

Two local sports medicine specialists took their personal training to a whole new level this year to earn the podium in national competitions for their respective sports.

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Temira samples the snow bounty after another tasty Mount Hood storm. Photo by Grant Myrdal

So what's the snow like?

Or rather, what is it going to be like?

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"We were hitting it with the wind at over 100 miles an hour last year. And the average was 89 miles an hour for the entire five-mile course." 3-time Arctic Man Camp Petr Kakes and his partner John Martin

For years I've been hearing about Petr Kakes, the legendary speed skier who runs the Warming Hut and the ski shop at Ski Bowl.

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Dale Crockatt's photograph of Comet Hale-Bopp is a classic Mt. Hood image and one of thousands that he donated to the museum in Govy.

Dale Crockatt had two final wishes regarding the mountain he loved when he died from cancer at age 57. He wanted to donate thousands of his photographs to the Mt. Hood Museum, and he wanted his skis hung from the wall at Charlie's.

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Mike Heffernan

Mount Hood’s one and only Mike Heffernan died on Friday, August 19 after suffering severe injuries in a motorcycle crash on the mountain. He was 53.

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Michael Leming died in a wingsuit accident in Norway on Sunday, June 26. Photo by Jarod Cogswell.

Creating heroes by glorifying their deaths from their adventurous pursuits has never made sense to me. As a climber I have had a few near death experiences, but personally I have never agreed with substantiating death from “doing what he or she loved.” None of us seek adventure to die. We do it to live. Living life to its fullest sometimes by pushing through fear with calculated risk… aka “The Edge.”

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Mike Annett by the entrance to the main lodge of Mt. Hood Summer Ski & Snowboard Camps.

Mike Annett was a young ski coach from Canada by way of Upstate New York the first time he traveled out West to sample the summer snow on Mt. Hood, in 1978.

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Joe Schuberg preparing for a bike ride. Photos by Richard Rizk

Editorial Update, April 28, 2016: A memorial for Joe Schuberg has been scheduled for Saturday, May 14th at 2 pm at the Cascade Ski Club Lodge in Government Camp.

Joe Schuberg, the high-energy lodge manager at Cascade Ski Club on Mount Hood, died from a heart attack while riding his bicycle April 18. He was 55.

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