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The author, with rented metal detector and reclaimed ski.

As soon as I saw my ski sliding away from me I knew it was not going to stop.

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Crag Rats gather at Cloud Cap Inn, sporting their black and white wool in this historic photo from the Crag Rat Collection.

Fog hung low in the Hood River Valley on a late October day. The changing leaves of oaks and maples threw bright splotches of red and orange on the wet fall canvass of the Mount Hood foothills as the distinctive summit appeared and disappeared in flirting rain showers.

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It's a long ways down.

Did you hear about the young child who fell off the lift on Mount Hood Saturday?

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It is very easy to get lost on the south side descent if you underestimate how far left you need to go.

UPDATE: Rescue teams have found and saved 51-year-old Christian Houck of Seattle, who got disoriented while dropping down from above Palmer on the south side of Mount Hood and failed to return as expected to Timberline Lodge Monday evening. After a cold night on the mountain Houck made it back to Timberline without injury.

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An injured climber is air-lifted to safety. Photo by Erik Broms

Rescue teams helped a National Guard helicopter squad hoist a woman with a broken leg to safety from 11,000 feet on Mount Hood Sunday.

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Search and rescue teams recover the body of 66-year-old fallen climber Ward Maxfield. Photo by Joe Poulton

Climber, skier and photographer Joe Poulton was up doing search and rescue training on Mount Hood June 4, when his team got the call that a climber had fallen.

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By the time search and rescue teams responded, the fallen climber was already dead.

66-year-old Ward Milo Maxfield of Paul, Idaho died on Mount Hood Thursday, June 4 after sliding several hundred feet and landing in the Hot Rocks, a fumarole zone near the Hogsback area at about 10,500 feet.

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Climbers use their packs to form a human wall to protect injured climbers Michelle and Brian Carlson from falling ice. Photos courtesy of Erik Broms

Erik Broms was climbing down from the summit of Mount Hood Saturday morning when two climbers roped together came plummeting down the mountain, right at him.

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62-year-old Edward Trompke of Lake Oswego was saved by search-and-rescue teams after falling about 200 feet near Crater Rock on the south side of Mount Hood Wednesday morning.

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gerren-kirkUPDATE: Today, Monday, Dec. 15, is the final day of the organized search for Gerren Kirk. Anyone with any tips about his whereabouts should immediately call the Wasco County Sheriff's Office at 541-506-2580.

Rescue teams and family members have been scouring the Mount Hood backcountry for any sign of missing hiker Gerren Kirk of Milwaukie, Oregon, but so far they have found nothing other than his car.

The 31-year-old Kirk has been missing for more than a week since parking his car in the Frog Lake lot east of Government Camp on Wednesday, December 3 and heading out on a solo excursion into the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Kirk’s sister Whitney Kirk Altman filed a missing persons report Sunday, Dec. 7, but the search was delayed because search and rescue crews cannot be dispatched until a vehicle is located to establish a starting point.

A family member finally found Kirk’s car at the Frog Lake lot on Monday. Police also were able to ping his cell phone and locate it east of Frog Lake heading in a SW direction. That route would have brought him from Clackamas County into Wasco County, so jurisdiction for the search switched over to the Wasco County Sheriff's Office.

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