Somewhere inside the exploding snow is bliss. Photo by Grant Myrdal

Five feet of snow in a week has boosted a lot of attitudes on Mount Hood, and Grant Myrdal has seen and documented the transformation first hand.

Grant, who grew up surfing in South Africa and learned to ride powder in Park City, runs his winter action photo business out of Mt. Hood Meadows. A big part of his job involves nabbing the first chair up to set up just below the best snow and shoot everyday riders, and as a result he understands as well as anyone the importance of good snow. He is in constant communication with patrollers and powder hounds, and when the snow vibe is right he senses it early and spreads the stoke with a great, big smile. The deeper the powder, the bigger the smiles, and the better the photos.

Here are a few of the thousands of powder pics Grant nabbed over the past week, as snow-starved skiers and snowboarders floated through some of the best snow ever to grace Mount Hood.

Here's Grant's buddy Jason Murray, carving a beautiful turn on opening day:

Here's Mike Aldridge night-riding is pure silk Saturday night:

The crowds got big on Sunday, but the snow was exquisite. Grant nabbed this photo in the morning at Four Bowl, before the snow got all tracked up (it has since filled in with another foot or two of fresh):)

The gallery below highlights 13 choice examples of Grant's recent work. You can skim through all his photos on his website — and who knows? Maybe there's a shot of you in there somewhere. If so, the best policy of respect is to buy, and not to attempt to steal.

With snow and more snow in the forecast (and yes, some rain as well), with luck we'll be seeing many more days like these on Mount Hood in 2015-16.

Jason Murray, 1