Darcy Bacha's photo of Sammy Carlson was a finalist for Powder's photo of the year. Courtesy of Darcy Bacha.

Seems like anytime you open an issue of Freeskier, Snowboarder, or Powder Magazine there's an amazing photo or two or three inside from Mount Hood's ever-growing crew of top-notch photographers.

Darcy Bacha's epic photo of Sammy Carlson soaring off Illumination Rock into the sunset put him in the running for Powder Magazine's photo of the year for the second time in three years, and his shot of Tim Humphreys soaring off the same jump also earned him props in Snowboarder Magazine.

Freeskier recently ran a feature headlined "22 jaw-dropping skiing photos" that included four shots from Mount Hood:

  • John Kutcher soaring off a huge jump at the West Coast Sessions, by Jamie Walter
  • Yet another crazy-good Sammy Carlson shot by Darcy Bacha
  • Tommy Ellingson flying off Illumination Saddle in July, by Ethan Stone
  • Dane Tudor pulling a gutsy 720 off the Mississippi Headwall, also by Bacha

Another amazing photo of Tommy Ellingson at Illumination, by Dan Sherwood, held its own against beautiful images of kelp forests, Swedish cats, a Cuban crocodile and an Ethiopian streetscape in a recent National Geographic Daily Dozen photo contest, selected from thousands of submissions.

The list of quality professional photographers working in the light of Mount Hood is ever growing, and Shred Hood is proud to have published the work of several of them, including Randy Boverman, Grant Myrdal, Steve Garretson and Mike Juliana, just to name a few.

We are also big fans of Richard Hallman, Alexandra Pallas Loren, Dan Sherwood, Dale Crockatt (who snagged the amazing shot of Comet Hale-Bopp with Mount Hood) and Gary Randall. And of course, the late, great Dick Powers.

Follow the links to check out their work, and support them if you can.

The list is too long, and I am sure I'm leaving out some greats. Feel free to add your favorites into the comments section below.