This drawing was created by the proud author's daughter, Melina Jacklet, while waiting for cheese fondue at Timberline Lodge in March of 2013.

Hey Kid: Pull your mind out of Minecraft for a few minutes and draw us something cool! The point of this page is to give Junior Shred Hooders a place on the web to show off their work. So go for it! The pigs and zombies and zombie pigs can wait. You're kids; you know the latest kid apps better than we do. Plus you're more creative. So This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your most creative ski or snowboard video on YouTube or Vimeo. Three minutes or less, please.

If this thing catches on, we'll do contests and prizes.

And please, for the love of God: No Minecraft Screen Shots!



Marshall Ellison in Heather Canyon. Photos by Grant Myrdal

There are only two downsides to receiving a fat stack of powder pictures from Grant Myrdal.

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Is that bear real or fake?

Wait, I think I got that backwards.

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Ripping it down Silver Bowl. Photos by Grant Myrdal

It's hard to beat the double-black-diamond terrain on Silver Bowl when the snow is fresh and the light is rich and sharp.

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High school racing in Oregon is all about the smiles.

Editor's Note: Winter’s turning to spring Pacific Northwest-style, and that means states. Every March the top high school ski racers in Oregon get together and rip the ruts to eternal glory. Usually this happens on Mount Hood, on Reynolds or Stadium or Gemini depending on snow elevations. This year they’re in Ashland, which is about three times as far away as would be convenient to those of us in Metro Portland. But Ashland is cool, and Mt. Ashland is wicked steep, so this is not necessarily a bad thing.

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T. J. Boeschen enjoying the upper mountain under a blue sky. Photos by Grant Myrdal

The thing about Super Bowl is, you have to earn those turns.

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Nature's Pillow

Videographer Harry Manning captures that blissful feeling of skiing powder with friends in this 3-minute clip.

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She won by more than 3 seconds.

Have you seen the video of Mikaela Shiffrin's wining run in Aspen yet?

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Somewhere inside the exploding snow is bliss. Photo by Grant Myrdal

Five feet of snow in a week has boosted a lot of attitudes on Mount Hood, and Grant Myrdal has seen and documented the transformation first hand.

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Ian Sherrod's award-winning snowboard shot by Grant Myrdal.

Two popular Mt. Hood Meadows regulars have won photo-of-the-year honors and brand new boards from on-the-mountain action photographer Grant Myrdal and his sponsors.

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