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Flat-calm water for kayak fishing in Scappoose Bay.

I have always liked the idea of fishing. The idea, that is. The reality of fishing, not so much.

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As Jeff Albright demonstrates, SUP is not necessarily a placid sport. GoPro photo by Jeff Albright

On August 20, 2016, if you look out on the Columbia River from Viento State Park, you’re likely to see a dramatic scene — 200 stand up paddleboarders jockeying for position at the starting line of the Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge.

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Paddling the Sandy with your children is easy, safe and fun.

Like a lot of hard-core winter sports enthusiasts, I tend to have a hard time when the snow melts. Especially after an especially fine powder season like 2016-17. It can be painful when that waist-deep snow melts down into slush. Except those H2O molecules you’ve been riding aren’t really gone.

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