Glencoe High School racers display a widely-held feeling in this 2005 photograph.

This coming January, for the 25th year in a row, hundreds of high school skiers and their families will gather on Mount Hood to dress up in whacky costumes, ski fast, cheer each other on, feast on turkey and roast beef, and have fun on the mountain. It will be the final running of the Christine Cato Memorial Race, and a lot of people are going to miss it once it is over.

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Another great freeskier has died young. JP Auclair, who pioneered the art of twin-tip freeskiing with his daring style and inventiveness, was killed by an avalanche in Chile on Monday, September 29. He was 37.

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The latest Mount Hood video from High Cascade Snowboard Camp features Spencer Schubert on a sawed-off snowboard, some sweet rail style from Will Lavigne and Oliver Dixon, and an ominous-looking Stay-Puft-Marshmallow-type dude creeping through the forest with an axe.

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Charlie Sponsel took first in both the uphill and the downhill.

Racers powered through a grueling uphill and a ripping-fast downhill for the July 13 Mountain Man Challenge mountain bike race at Mt. Hood Skibowl.

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Alexandria Oseland of Crystal Mountain races to victory at the 2014 Golden Rose slalom race. Photo by Mike Juliana.

Some 160 top junior racers from all over the Pacific Northwest competed in the 79th annual Golden Rose ski race May 24-25 at Timberline on Mount Hood.

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The great 22-year-old French freeskier Jeremy Pancras spent his May on Mount Hood, shredding Timberline's parks with all sorts of style and earning maximum respect from his peers as Most Valuable Player of West Coast Session 8.

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Josh Larkin soars for the Homegrown Invitational.

It was a perfect day to explore some home-made jumps out-of-bounds on Mount Hood: blue skies with some outstanding clouds, no wind at all, fresh thermals for soaring, and plenty of decent spring snow for soft landings. When the jumps are as large as the Home Grown crew builds them, it is imperative to have soft landings.

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Tim Gage goes huge. Photo by Rocky Maloney.

The next generation of top freeskiers has converged on Mount Hood for West Coast Session 8, and the action in the Timberline parks has been extreme.

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Brendan Davis goes huge off a typically imposing Supercamp jump. Photo by Ryan Hughes.

Hundreds of top-level snowboarders, park builders, videographers and photographers will be descending on Mt. Hood Meadows over the next week for the 18th iteration of Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark freestyle session.

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Dale Parshall of the Ruttin' Rats gets into his tuck early.

Ruttin' Rat racers from the Schnee Vogeli Ski Club finished first among 20 Mount Hood recreational racing teams to defend their PACRAT racing team title for the fourth year in a row.

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