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Lindsey Vonn with Jackie Wiles

Jacqueline Wiles soared through the ranks of ski racing from the Mount Hood Mitey Mites to the Sochi Olympics, but when the U.S. Ski Teams were announced last month in Colorado, she didn't make the cut for the fully funded A team.

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High School Snowboarding on Mount Hood is all about good times. OISA President Ben Beavon with Sandy High Riders.

When a parent asked Ben Beavon whether Washington kids are allowed to compete in high school snowboarding comps on Mt. Hood, he couldn’t think of a reason why they shouldn’t. So he brought the notion to the volunteers who run OISA, and it was a quick vote.

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Sammy Carlson on Mt. Hood. Photo by Darcy Bacha

Sammy Carlson’s long-awaited film collaboration with Teton Gravity Research will make its world debut Friday, November 20 at the Roseland Theatre in downtown Portland.

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Ben Bilocq enjoys some summer air time on Mount Hood. Photo by Logan Guerry

The recent heat wave has not been kind to the summer snow scene on Mount Hood, but that hasn't stopped snowboard campers from enjoying some quality air and rail time at High Cascade Snowboard Camp.

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Members of the Swiss Women's racing contingent, 1939, Mt. Hood. Yep, that is a cig in her mouth. Photo from the Digital Public Library.

For a while now, I've been hearing bits and pieces about how the National Ski Championships were held on Mount Hood in 1939, but I've never really been able to picture it in my mind.

Who competed? Where did the races take place?

And where exactly was the downhill?

Those are just a few of the questions I've been wondering about.

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Christi and Ben McKinley with their hard-earned ceramic mug and other goodies from Pole Pedal Paddle 2015.

Editor's Note: The 39th Annual Pole Pedal Paddle Classic in Bend brought out the usual mix of top-tier athletes, young upstarts and just-for-the-fun-of-it participants of all ages, shapes and sizes. Mount Hood Alpine racing dad, ski mountaineer and free ride coach Ben McKinley competed for the 12th time with his wife Christi. Here is our conversation about what originally drew them to PPP — and what keeps them coming back.

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High Cascade and Windells have been making the most of melting summer snow on Hood for a long time. Rider Spencer Schubert, photo Greg Furey

Summer campers at Windells and High Cascade on Mount Hood will have access to all sorts of jumps, rails and training stations including a new dryland training facility with a 14-by-14-foot trampoline next to a 60-by-60-foot bag jump and a resurfaced launch ramp.

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Christof Schenk throws a Flat 3 with a tail grab at The West Coast Session. Photo by Jamie Walter

The remote slope at 8000 feet on the south side of Mount Hood is hidden from the chairlifts to the west and the historic lodge below, and it is packed with some of the top freeskiers in the world.

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Orange Man puts on a show for the 2015 Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge. Photo by Grant Myrdal

Editor’s Note: Surf legend Gerry Lopez’s annual Big Wave Challenge at Mt. Bachelor was last weekend, and photographer Grant Myrdal was on the scene. It’s a surf-style competition judged for variety, speed, power and flow, and big-time surfers are invited from all over to compete. Grant was a hard-core surfer born and raised near J-Bay in South Africa long before he started shooting photos on Mount Hood, so we decided to interview him about the festivities and check out some of his pics from the competition.

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The 2015 Cascade Spring Park at Meadows features some nice, large jumps under the Cascade chair. Photo by Grant Myrdal

The new Cascade Spring Park on the upper mountain at Mt. Hood Meadows is earning high praise for variety and flow.

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