Trevor Maxwell of West Linn will be tough to beat.

Oregon's top high school racers will compete for state championships in slalom and giant slalom Thursday, March 6 and Friday, March 7 at Mt. Hood Meadows.

The girls GS will be held on Middle Fork on Thursday, March 6. The boys slalom also will be Thursday, on Stadium.

The girls slalom on Stadium and boys GS on Middle Fork are scheduled for Friday, March 7.

The awards ceremony will be in the main lodge at 3 pm Friday.

Trevor Maxwell of West Linn High School will be a strong favorite after winning all six Three Rivers League races this season, three slaloms and three giant slaloms.

Emily Sarich of Parkrose also is looking strong going into states, with five victories in six league races.

Mt. Hood Ski League champion Hood River Valley will also send a talented team, with standouts Austin Keillor, William Lamer, Charlie Sutherland, Chase Lariza, Lucy Mclean, Korey Cimock, and Kelli Clarke.

Jenna Jansky and Andis Solomon of Jesuit are also solid contenders, and Jesuit will be hard to beat in team competition.

For full start times by discipline, check the OISRA website here.

Here is a list of Mount Hood-based high school racers who qualified for states:

Metro Ski League Girls

  • Jenna Jansky, Jesuit
  • Linda Mietlin, Southridge
  • Harper Hayes, OES
  • Sophie Boden, Sunset
  • Molly Jansky, Jesuit
  • Andi Grillo, Southridge
  • Marina Predovic, Tigard
  • Peyton Kelly, Sunset
  • Ashlyn Bronson, Jesuit
  • Rachel Polaski, Southridge
  • Emelyn Roberts, OES
  • Autumn Femald, Sunset
  • Tate Horskotte, Jesuit
  • Zoe Duclos, Southridge
  • Carolyn Graeper, Beaverton
  • Maddie Rosser, Sunset
  • Claire Jacobsen, Jesuit
  • Kaelin Oppedal, Southridge
  • Taylor Lebavitch, Sunset
  • Jessica South, Jesuit
  • Zoe Spitzer, Southridge
  • Anna Kemper, Sunset

Metro Ski League Boys

  • Andis Solomon, Jesuit
  • Tobias Macedo, OES
  • Joe Blount, Sunset
  • Bryce Harrington, Southridge
  • Jack Botti, Sunset
  • Scott Lantz, Southridge
  • Paul Richter, Southridge
  • Cayce Pitts, Glenco
  • Ryan Zeller, Southridge
  • Jake Bowton, Hillsboro
  • Matt Johnson, OES
  • Will O Leary, Valley Catholic
  • Noah Rischitelli, OES
  • Alex Wuilloud, Jesuit
  • Mitchell Law, Jesuit
  • Cole Jacobsen, Jesuit
  • Bryce Harrington, Southridge
  • Corey Fusick, Tigard
  • John Connall, OES
  • Michael Davies, Sunset
  • Jesse Jimerson, Jesuit
  • Ryan Polaski, Southridge
  • Cameron Zupancic, Sunset
  • Mitch Viner, Glenco
  • Cullen Thornton, OES
  • Jake Peden, Sunset
  • Josh South, Jesuit
  • Evan Chang, OES
  • Mac Heffernan, Sunset
  • Victor Mas, Southridge
  • Jake Bowton, Hillsboro
  • Travis lamb, Beaverton

Three Rivers League Girls

  • Sarah Tucker, Lake Oswego
  • Mia Klonsky, Lincoln
  • Emily Sarich, Parkrose
  • Anna Sassara, West Linn
  • Maddie Lawhead, Lakeridge
  • Graeson Fish, Lake Oswego
  • Libby Anderson, Lincoln
  • Ellie Schmidt, Central Catholic
  • Tyler Shipley, West Linn
  • Nicole Humphreys, Lakeridge
  • Anna Pieringer, Lake Oswego
  • Emly Levine, Lincoln
  • Kate Christoferson, La Salle
  • Sammy Steeh, West Linn
  • Tai Stangeland, Lakeridge
  • Kendra Jackson, Lake Oswego
  • Madison Bingham-Nelson, Lincoln
  • Jordan Jaffe, Wilsonville
  • Emily Jordan, West Linn
  • Emily Harrell, Lakeridge
  • Claire Carter, Lake Oswego
  • Avi Hill, Lincoln
  • Sarah Carroll, Central Catholic
  • Quinn Mitchell, West Linn
  • Sophie Richards, Lakeridge
  • Anna Martinsson, Lake Oswego
  • Madeleine Nicoloff, Lincoln
  • Carly Savoy, West Linn
  • Lillyanne Mann, Lakeridge

Three Rivers League Boys

  • Trevor Maxwell, West Linn
  • Ashlay Ruddick, Lakeridge
  • Isaac Grebisz, Central Catholic
  • Will Johnson, Lakeridge
  • Jordan Riesterer, West Linn
  • Jack Benziger, Lakeridge
  • Colin Maxwell, West Linn
  • Jaques DeBar, Lake Oswego
  • Zach Levison, Lake Oswego
  • Alex Krenek, Lake Oswego
  • Liam Wynne, Catlin Gabel
  • Chris McNabb, West Linn
  • Will Reuland, Lincoln
  • Kevan Gahan, Wilsonville
  • Sam Schenk, Riverdale
  • Zac Torng, Catlin Gabel
  • Jeremy Wood, Catlin Gabel
  • Max Armstrong, Catlin Gabel
  • Kyle Larson, West Linn
  • Davis Keeney, La Salle
  • Drew Pieringer, Lake Oswego
  • Jarod Esnoz, Wilsonville
  • Michael Ashworth, Lakeridge
  • Ben Fuller, Riverdale
  • Conor Hult, Wilsonville
  • Travis Toal, Lake Oswego
  • Jack Knutson, Wilsonville
  • Chad Poloni, Lakeridge
  • James Cory, Central Catholic
  • Grant McDonald, West Linn
  • Cooper Lawhead, Lakeridge
  • Simon Farrell, Lake Oswego

Mt. Hood Ski League Girls

  • Lucy McLean, Hood River
  • Bailey Cordell, The Dalles
  • Carlotta Schmidt, Sandy
  • Zoe Rischitelli, St. Mary's
  • Korey Cimock, Hood River
  • Carsen Cordell, The Dalles
  • Hillary Dodge, Grant
  • Sarah Reimann, St. Mary's
  • Kelli Clarke, Hood River
  • Alyssa Carrico, The Dalles
  • Sammy Uttke, Cleveland
  • Nicole Brandt, St. Mary's
  • Hannah Bergemann, Hood River
  • Susanna Talenti, The Dalles
  • Sophie Caesar, St. Mary's
  • Samantha Davies, Hood River
  • Courtney Anderson, The Dalles
  • Milena Rogers, St. Mary's
  • Savannah Boersma, Hood River
  • Timmarra Roth, The Dalles

Mt. Hood Ski League Boys

  • Austin Keillor, Hood River
  • Eli Holeman, The Dalles
  • William Lamer, Hood River
  • Alex Bertschi-Wrigley, Grant
  • Charlie Sutherland, Hood River
  • Chase Lariza, Hood River
  • Patrick Crompton, Hood River
  • Jay Raitt, Cleveland
  • Andy Blischke, Grant
  • Dylan Perimon, Grant
  • Preston Klindt, The Dalles
  • Griffin Martin, The Dalles
  • Clay Westbrook, Sandy
  • Mark Johnson, The Dalles
  • Martin Carter, The Dalles
  • Jacob Fischer, Hood River
  • Xavier Micheal, The Dalles