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Sandy's Ethan Anderson gets his slopestyle on after weeks of waiting to compete.

The riders of Sandy High did the seemingly impossible on Mount Hood Sunday, claiming double gold, silver and bronze in Sunday’s Gorge League Slopestyle.

“I almost felt bad,” joked Sandy High School snowboarding coach Ben Beavon. His team has so many riders this season that more than half of the competitors Sunday (36 of them) were riding for Sandy High.

Various Sandy teams took first, second, third and fourth for the boys, and first, second and third for the girls. Here's Kelly Stamatz of Sandy High shredding the rails section:

But it was hardly a cutthroat competition, with perfect blue skies and a lively soundtrack inspiring a few dance moves at the top of Timberline’s Thunder Park.

Riders from Sandy, Southridge, Hood River, Aloha and Southridge High Schools took turns hitting the jumps and rails and cheering each other on for the first Gorge League competition of the season.

“We kept thinking more snow would come if we waited on it, but then it just kept getting to be less and less,” said Beavon. “I’m just glad we could finally get one in.”

The top 10 individual riders for the boys were:

  1. Aidan Murphy, Sandy
  2. Ethan Anderson, Sandy
  3. Kelly Sanders, Sandy
  4. Parker Nguyen, Sandy
  5. Wyatt Johnson, Sandy
  6. Skyler White, Southridge
  7. Josh Gosnell, Sandy
  8. Jeremy Cansler, Sandy
  9. Travis Duval, Hood River
  10. Harrison McKnight, Sandy

The top 10 finishers for the girls were:

  1. Zoe Andrew, Century
  2. Johanna Flender, Sandy
  3. Elexis McAllister, Hood River
  4. Sydney Kim, Sandy
  5. Brooke Phillips, Sandy
  6. Denielle Reynolds, Sandy
  7. Alexis Haefner, Sandy
  8. Kelly Stamatz, Sandy
  9. Taylor Weekly, Sandy
  10. Olivia Martin, Sandy

Here's Zoe Andrews of Century, styling in formal wear off the first jump:

And here is a slide show showing quite a few of the Gorge League slopestyle competitors in action, Sunday at Timberline (a heads up: slide shows look much better on computers and tablets than on phones):

Chloe Short of Sandy High.