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Photo by John Gertlar

High school snowboarders will go head-to-head in slopestyle, banked slalom and boarder cross all weekend on Mount Hood.

Sunset League boarders will compete in slopestyle Saturday at Mt. Hood Meadows, and then Metro League riders will get their chance to shred the same course on Sunday.

Three Rivers League riders will race in banked slalom and boarder cross Sunday at Timberline.

There still isn't enough snow for halfpipe competitions.

It has been a rough year for high school snowboarding in Oregon. There has only been one competition held all season, a Three Rivers League Slopestyle held January 17 at Timberline. The West Linn boys dominated that contest, with three of the top six team scores and Michael Foushee winning the individual combined contest by 14 points. The Oregon City girls took first led by Sierra Classen.

The West Linn boys and Oregon City girls won the Sato Cup for overall excellence at the Oregon state championships last season.

Here are some results from that Jan. 17 Three Rivers League slopestyle:

Boys Team:

  1. West Linn Varsity #1, 531 points
  2. West Linn JV, 499
  3. Wilsonville, 487
  4. Lake Oswego, 429
  5. Lakeridge, 428
  6. West Linn Varsity #2, 425
  7. Canby, 415
  8. Oregon City, 407

Girls Team

  1. Oregon City, 410 points
  2. West Linn, 281
  3. Lake Oswego, 189

Boys Individual

  1. Michael Foushee, West Linn, 155 points
  2. Chris Flake, Canby, 141
  3. Thomas Previs, Wilsonville, 135
  4. Timothy McMillen, West Linn, 131
  5. Caleb Soresen, West Linn, 127
  6. Henrik Harrskog, West Linn, 125
  7. Jonathan Goddard, Wilsonville, 124
  8. Cole Anderson, Wilsonville, 120
  9. Tyler Burlew, Oregon City, 119
  10. Ian Harris, West Linn, 118

Girls Individual

  1. Sierra Clasen, Oregon City, 125 points
  2. Kendall Cohns, Lake Oswego, 124
  3. Shaye Verbanac, Oregon City, 118
  4. Kylee Allen, Wilsonville, 99
  5. Breck Beishline, West Linn, 98
  6. Tori Velasquez, West Linn, 94
  7. Megan Brawn, Oregon City, 93
  8. Callie Sweet, Oregon City, 74
  9. Sarah Colbert, Lake Oswego, 65
  10. Alexa Gilbertson, West Linn, 60

For full results, click here.

Four High School Snowboard Leagues train and compete on Mount Hood: Gorge, Metro, Sunset and Three Rivers. Those leagues contain most of the top high school teams in Oregon, including West Linn, Oregon City, Sandy, Summit and Lincoln.

Riders compete individually and in teams in banked slalom, snowboard cross, slopestyle, and halfpipe. Top competitors qualify for the state championships, which will be held in March at Mount Bachelor.

All the competitions are organized under the umbrella of the Oregon Interscholastic Snowboarding Association, which was founded in 1999.