This Digital Public Library image from the 1930s shows that Mount Hood did indeed have a summit hut in the pioneer days of outdoor recreation.

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1937: Hjalmar Hvam invents the modern ski binding after injuring himself on Mount Hood.

1938: The Timberline Trail is completed.

1939: Magic Mile opens, the first chairlift on Mount Hood and at the time the longest ski lift in North America.

1939: Olympic Trials held on Mount Hood.

1942-1945: Skiers and climbers from Mount Hood and other mountains train and serve with distinction with the 10th Mountain Division.

1946: Women are  allowed into the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol.

1947: Ty Kearney climbs to summit with bike parts, assembles them and rides the peak.


1947: A plan is announced to connect Government Camp and Timberline with the Ski-Way Tram.

1949: Multorpor Lodge is completed.

1949: A laborer dies during construction of Ski-Way Tram connecting Government Camp with Timberline Lodge.

1951: Ski-Way Tram completed connecting Government Camp to Timberline.

1953: Criticized as unreliable, expensive and slow, the Ski-Way Tram closes after just two years of operations; investors eat losses.

1955: Timberline Lodge gets its power shut off for failure to pay the bills.

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