Randa Shahin and Josh Larkin at Revelstoke.

Randa Shahin and Josh Larkin make an excellent team. They’ve been together for about five years now, and they are well known on Mount Hood for their snow skills, their adventure dog Shiva, and their high-flying jumps.

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It is very easy to get lost on the south side descent if you underestimate how far left you need to go.

UPDATE: Rescue teams have found and saved 51-year-old Christian Houck of Seattle, who got disoriented while dropping down from above Palmer on the south side of Mount Hood and failed to return as expected to Timberline Lodge Monday evening. After a cold night on the mountain Houck made it back to Timberline without injury.

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HB 4077 addresses inherent risks but not liability.

Oregon ski resort operators are making a second attempt to update state laws for ski areas this legislative session after a similar bill failed to win political support last year.

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Greg Coulter rips through another mount job at the Next Adventure Tune Shop.

It’s Friday morning at the Next Adventure tune shop, and Greg Coulter and his team are cranking through one pair of skis after another, drilling holes, tweaking bindings, grinding bases, working their way through a big backlog now that the snow has returned to Mount Hood and the floodgates have opened.

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Bill Johnson with Cascade Ski Club member Peggy Stone on Mount Hood. Photo courtesy of the Mt. Hood Museum

Bill Johnson, the great and fearless ski racer who grew up shredding Mount Hood and went on to win the first-ever U.S. gold medal in the Olympic downhill, died yesterday at the age of 55 after years of struggling with post-concussion syndrome from traumatic brain injury.

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Useful advice from an ODOT sign on Mount Hood..

If you are waiting for design improvements to solve the traffic problems on Mount Hood, don't hold your breath.

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An 86-inch snow base as of Jan. 12. Pow pics by Grant Myrdal

UPDATE, 5 PM WED: Whoah! The temp dropped 10 degrees from noon to 5 pm on the mountain today. That bodes well for the latest monster storm.

What a difference a year makes.

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One mile in two hours.

If you are a Mount Hood regular, you are probably painfully familiar with the nine-mile drive from Mt. Hood Meadows to Government Camp, and the fact that this short trip can take three hours or more when holiday traffic is at its worst.

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Building 4 was destroyed, but nobody was injured.

The new owners of the Resort at the Mountain have a big challenge on their hands after an early-morning fire December 30 destroyed a two-story building and displaced 40 guests at the height of the winter season on Mount Hood.

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Diane Cachron makes first tracks down Private Reserve Wednesday. Photos by Grant Myrdal

Powder shredders rejoice: The steepest and deepest of terrain on Mount Hood is now open for exploration, with ridiculous amounts of snowfall piling up over the past month.

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