The three-year project is on schedule to wrap up by the fall of 2016.

The final season of the $25 million Mt. Hood Safety Project on Hwy. 26 will start up once the snow has melted, with rock-blasting, road-paving and the construction of a 1.6-mile concrete barrier between the eastbound and westbound lanes of 26 west of Skibowl.

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This map shows the two parcels of land uphill from Govy that would become Mt. Hood Meadows property in exchange for 770 acres around Cooper Spur. The two parcels extend from across the street from the Mt. Hood Brewery to Summit Ski Area.

A Mt. Hood Land Exchange bill authored by U.S. Representative Greg Walden gained unanimous approval from the House Natural Resources Committee on March 16, a big step toward closing a deal that has been stuck in a bureaucratic quagmire for years.

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Shannon Haida-Wipf, Kevin Eike, Leilani and Chris Barney, Dan Kneip, Stacey Larsen and the author enjoying HOTS 2016. Photos by Sean Jacks.

In the two years since we last held a Hope on the Slopes event on Mount Hood, about 3.5 million Americans were diagnosed with cancer, and more than a million died from cancer.  What can we possibly do about this?

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A Mt. Hood tradition for skiers and their pals. Photos by Lisa Miller, USFS.

Ski the Glade happens annually in March and it is a true bucket list event for any Mt. Hood skier or snowboarder.

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It's a long ways down.

Did you hear about the young child who fell off the lift on Mount Hood Saturday?

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Bill Johnson was brash, bold and very, very fast.

The late, great downhill racer Bill Johnson will be honored Saturday, March 19 at Skibowl with a memorial celebration and the dedication of a ski trail to the first American male ski racer to win an Olympic gold medal.

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Russ Plaeger of Bark, exploring Heather Canyon.

Russ Plaeger and Casey Gatz may not agree on many things when it comes to the forests of Mt. Hood, but they do share the perspective that 100-plus years of stopping every wildfire has created a large and complicated problem.

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28 feet and counting

Temperatures plunged from the high 50s to the mid-20s this week on Mount Hood to enable another foot of fresh powder on top of a well-compacted 10-foot base.

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Randa Shahin and Josh Larkin at Revelstoke.

Randa Shahin and Josh Larkin make an excellent team. They’ve been together for about five years now, and they are well known on Mount Hood for their snow skills, their adventure dog Shiva, and their high-flying jumps.

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It is very easy to get lost on the south side descent if you underestimate how far left you need to go.

UPDATE: Rescue teams have found and saved 51-year-old Christian Houck of Seattle, who got disoriented while dropping down from above Palmer on the south side of Mount Hood and failed to return as expected to Timberline Lodge Monday evening. After a cold night on the mountain Houck made it back to Timberline without injury.

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