Chains are required after a big snow dump. Or are they? Actually, four-wheel-drive vehicles are exempt. Photo courtesy ODOT

You know it's going to be fun on the mountain when you drive under the big electronic sign that reads CHAINS REQUIRED. Probably the last thing you'll want to do at that moment is pull over, climb under your vehicle and freeze your hands off futzing with chains. Well, you may not have to. Here are some key things to know about chain laws and best practices in Oregon.

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Liberated Baking Gluten Free

Christopher Royce and Tonda Burgin are building Liberated Baking into a gluten-free destination in Gresham

Tonda Burgin grew up in the shadow of Mount Hood. One of her favorite things to do in high school was to grab her skis and jump on the bus with her friends and head up to the mountain for the day. Now she’d like to to catch the attention of the thousands of drivers who zip by on their way to enjoying the mountain with an offering of gluten-free snacks that don’t taste like, well, gluten-free snacks.

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