"We were hitting it with the wind at over 100 miles an hour last year. And the average was 89 miles an hour for the entire five-mile course." 3-time Arctic Man Camp Petr Kakes and his partner John Martin

For years I've been hearing about Petr Kakes, the legendary speed skier who runs the Warming Hut and the ski shop at Ski Bowl.

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Ready to soar this winter? Join us at Snowvana! Skier: Josh Larkin, Mount Hood

1,000 lift ticket giveaways.

5 all-resort Snowvana Season Passes.

17 Concourse Level booths.

39 Arena Level booths.

4 Rocking Bands.

8 of Oregon's greatest drink specialists.

9 ski films lined up back-to-back. Any questions?

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Dale Crockatt's photograph of Comet Hale-Bopp is a classic Mt. Hood image and one of thousands that he donated to the museum in Govy.

Dale Crockatt had two final wishes regarding the mountain he loved when he died from cancer at age 57. He wanted to donate thousands of his photographs to the Mt. Hood Museum, and he wanted his skis hung from the wall at Charlie's.

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The new Hwy. 26 is vastly improved after a $25 million investment. Or is it? Photo courtesy of ODOT

The $25 million Mt. Hood Safety Project is just about complete, so expect fresh asphalt and a new concrete barrier to prevent cross-over head-on collisions. As for whether the improvements will improve traffic flow during the winter peak season, we'll just have to wait and see.

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Mike Heffernan

Mount Hood’s one and only Mike Heffernan died on Friday, August 19 after suffering severe injuries in a motorcycle crash on the mountain. He was 53.

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Canadian Paralympic racer Kurt Oatway rips some GS turns in mid-August at 8,000 feet.

Stuck in a lazy mid-August rut with an extreme heat warning for Western Oregon forecasting too much torpor for my well-being, I decided to dig out the boards and gain some altitude for my first-ever August ski session on Mount Hood.

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It's never to early to day-dream about gliding through the snow on Mount Hood.

A celebration to jump-start the 2016-17 snow season on Mount Hood is set to make its debut at the Memorial Coliseum the weekend of October 21-22.

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Michael Leming died in a wingsuit accident in Norway on Sunday, June 26. Photo by Jarod Cogswell.

Creating heroes by glorifying their deaths from their adventurous pursuits has never made sense to me. As a climber I have had a few near death experiences, but personally I have never agreed with substantiating death from “doing what he or she loved.” None of us seek adventure to die. We do it to live. Living life to its fullest sometimes by pushing through fear with calculated risk… aka “The Edge.”

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Summer Sulstice 2016 at Mount Hood's Illumination Rock, with Stacy Larsen, Jen Winklepleck and Judah James. Photo by Sean Jacks

What makes a party great?

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The View from Heather Chair serves as a reminder of an environment worth protecting.

Mt. Hood Meadows has added to its green credentials by being named “Recycler of the Year” in the business category by the Association of Oregon Recyclers.

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