It's never to early to day-dream about gliding through the snow on Mount Hood.

A celebration to jump-start the 2016-17 snow season on Mount Hood is set to make its debut at the Memorial Coliseum the weekend of October 21-22.

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Michael Leming died in a wingsuit accident in Norway on Sunday, June 26. Photo by Jarod Cogswell.

Creating heroes by glorifying their deaths from their adventurous pursuits has never made sense to me. As a climber I have had a few near death experiences, but personally I have never agreed with substantiating death from “doing what he or she loved.” None of us seek adventure to die. We do it to live. Living life to its fullest sometimes by pushing through fear with calculated risk… aka “The Edge.”

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Summer Sulstice 2016 at Mount Hood's Illumination Rock, with Stacy Larsen, Jen Winklepleck and Judah James. Photo by Sean Jacks

What makes a party great?

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The View from Heather Chair serves as a reminder of an environment worth protecting.

Mt. Hood Meadows has added to its green credentials by being named “Recycler of the Year” in the business category by the Association of Oregon Recyclers.

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Mt. Hood Meadows will receive 120 acres in Government Camp for development if the deal goes through.

A bill authored by Greg Walden and Earl Blumenauer requiring the U.S. Forest Service to complete a land exchange on Mt. Hood has passed the U.S. House in a lopsided bipartisan vote, 401-2.

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Please don't erupt any time soon.

Mount Hood made news in spring of 2016 when scientists reported 77 minor earthquakes swarming the mountain over 24 hours.

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Get 'em while they're cold.

Mt. Hood Meadows will wrap up an excellent winter season on Saturday, May 14 with music, beer and some final turns in the corn.

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Mike Annett by the entrance to the main lodge of Mt. Hood Summer Ski & Snowboard Camps.

Mike Annett was a young ski coach from Canada by way of Upstate New York the first time he traveled out West to sample the summer snow on Mt. Hood, in 1978.

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When the snow melts down low, you can always climb up high. Pictured are Carlos Martinez, Ben Jacklet, Geoff Mihalko, Jay Pollack and Asit Rathod.

There's more to Shred Hood than the blissful act of sliding downhill over snow. Now that the snow is melting and thoughts are turning to beaches, waves, whitewater, outdoor concerts, bike trails and cold beers by the river, Shred Hood will be shifting its editorial coverage in response, without straying from the central mission of providing a lively flow of stories for the mountain community.

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Joe Schuberg preparing for a bike ride. Photos by Richard Rizk

Editorial Update, April 28, 2016: A memorial for Joe Schuberg has been scheduled for Saturday, May 14th at 2 pm at the Cascade Ski Club Lodge in Government Camp.

Joe Schuberg, the high-energy lodge manager at Cascade Ski Club on Mount Hood, died from a heart attack while riding his bicycle April 18. He was 55.

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