Photo by Sean Jacks

When the Oregon rain hits you and pummels you and soaks you to the bone for hour after hour, it can be hard not to ask yourself, “What am I doing out here? Why?“

That was not the case for the 2014 Hope on the Slopes 24-hour vertical challenge at Mt. Hood Skibowl. We knew exactly why we were out there in the rain: To celebrate life and fight cancer. Come rain, come base-camp-destroying mini-tornadoes, come slushy groomers and sticky side-trails and snail-like lift rides, we were in it for the long haul.

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The view from Vista Ridge last Friday, before the monsoon.

The rain finally turned to snow after a wring-your-gloves-out-into-a-puddle weekend on Mount Hood, and the forecast is calling for sunshine Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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The author with brewmaster Brandon Sawyer

What could possibly be better than a nice cold beer after a day of shredding powder?

How about a beer you made yourself, to share with your mountain friends?

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Steve Eversmeyer at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

26-year Mt. Hood Ski Patrol veteran Steve Eversmeyer and his wife Annie have traveled to Sochi, Russia to work the alpine racing events of the 2014 Paralympic Games.

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Portland, Oregon. You may know it as Portlandia, but for Portlanders, one of the benefits of living in the #1 city in the United States for 2013 according to Movoto.com is the accessibility of Mt. Hood, or what we just call “the Mountain.”

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The Tesla Model X will launch in 2015 with all-wheel drive, no tailpipe emissions and plenty of pop. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Break out your EVs if you got 'em, because Mount Hood now has a fast-charging station for electric vehicles at the Skibowl West parking lot. Will anyone use it?

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Matthew Subotnick believes the Olympics in Portland would be good for Portland - and the Olympics.

Matthew Subotnick is a 42-year-old lifelong Oregonian with a massive dream: to bring the Winter Olympics to Portland in 2026.

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Now that's a powder smile. Anyone recognize this powder hound? Photo by Grant Myrdal

It was fun while it lasted.

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Silver medalist Gus Kenworthy checks out Skibowl's lift ops. Photo by Stephen Garretson of Gee Photo.

The Sochi Winter Olympics of 2014 were far from perfect, but in the end they were a very good thing for winter sports - and for Mount Hood's reputation as a key training location for elite skiers and snowboarders.

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The "Keep Portland Weird" Stumptown Birkie was a big hit

A little over a year ago, Bjorn van der Voo and I secured the domain name Shred Hood and started building a community news site to cover skiing and snowboarding on Mount Hood. Shredhood.org launched in October 2013, and 343 articles later, here are the top 10 Shred Hood news stories so far, ranked by page views:

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