A Timberline employee blows rock salt onto a terrain park jump.

It takes work for Timberline to maintain its status as the ski and snowboard resort with the longest-running snow season in North America. It also takes a lot of salt.

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The halfpipe on the Magic Mile, with Timberline Lodge and Mount Jefferson in the background.

The 2014 spring season at Timberline ended on Memorial Day, May 26, but lifts will keep spinning on Mount Hood through the summer and up to Labor Day.

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Fortunately for Michael Adams, Portland Mountain Rescue climbers were training nearby at the time of the accident.

Rescue climbers assisted by a Blackhawk helicopter pilot with the Oregon Army National Guard managed to find and save 59-year-old Michael Adams of Tualatin after he slipped on the ice and fell several hundred feet down into a fumarole on Mount Hood on Saturday, May 24.

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Portland Mountain Rescue climbers followed Cormier's route up the south side and found his body in a crevasse.

After a complicated 17-hour mission, recovery teams from the Hood River Crag Rats and Portland Mountain Rescue have managed to find and retrieve the body of Robert Cormier, the Catholic priest from New Jersey who fell 1,000 feet to his death on May 13.

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Is this Mount Hood's lone wolf? Photo by Sean Jacks.

UPDATE, 5/29/2014: After checking with several wildlife experts, the consensus seems to be that the would-be wolf was actually a relatively rare Cascade Fox.

If you frequent the Mazot at Mt. Hood Meadows, you probably know Dan Kneip and Sean Jacks. These two season pass holders are Mount Hood regulars, with over 120 days on snow between them in 2013-14. Sean has thousands of photos documenting their mountain adventures, including a couple of shots snagged on May 11 showing a bushy-tailed canine climbing up into the rocks above Cascade Chair. Could this be the elusive lone Mount Hood wolf we've been hearing about?

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High Cascade Snowboard Camp will collaborate with Bud Keene and BKPRO Camps for Session 2 of its summer camp June 26-July 3.

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Cutter's camp explores everything from feature design to liability.

Groomers from all over North America traveled to Mount Hood this week for Ski Area Management's Cutter's Camp 2014.

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The fall reportedly occured in the area of Eliot Glacier.


Hood River County Sheriffs are organizing an aerial search for a missing climber who was seen falling an estimated 1,000 feet in the area of Eliot Glacier Tuesday morning.

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Hood River County search crews have found and identified the missing climber who was seen falling an estimated 1,000 feet in the area of Eliot Glacier Tuesday morning, and he is believed to be dead.

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Photo by Grant Myrdal

Nothing like a soft blanket of powder all over the mountain and fresh flakes filling in every turn you make. Even better when it's April 27 and lifts from Vermont to Colorado to California are closed for the season.

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