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Slidin' season is upon us! Well not exactly. As I write this it’s not really even close to the start of the ski season. But to us skiers, us creatures of habit, tradition and superstition, the first snowfall of the season means it’s time to wax.

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Tim Peck enjoying some tree skiing in Heather Canyon. Photos by Grant Myrdal

The latest mega-batch of Mount Hood pics from Grant Myrdal serves a reminder of what an amazing snow year this has been.

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The school bus that crashed on Hwy. 35 with 43 young athletes on board is towed away. There were no injuries.

A school bus filled with Nordic ski racers from Bend lost control on an icy section of Hwy. 35 on Mount Hood January 14th and crashed into two vehicles, closing the highway for several hours. Fortunately, no one was injured.

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Built in Oregon, with a triple-wood core.

Anyone out there interested in a new pair of skis? A new snowboard? A new backpack for your adventures?

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The author, with rented metal detector and reclaimed ski.

As soon as I saw my ski sliding away from me I knew it was not going to stop.

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Jeff Albright competing in Maui on the American Windsurfing Tour. Photo by Si Crowther

Two local sports medicine specialists took their personal training to a whole new level this year to earn the podium in national competitions for their respective sports.

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The early-season snow on Hood has been deep, light and exhilarating. Rider: Jason Murray, Photos by Grant Myrdalg

A barrage of powerful winter storms have blanketed Mount Hood with a deep layer of light, fluffy snow, and skiers and snowboarders have been hitting it hard.

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So how many accidents and spin-outs did you count on Hwy 35 between Government Camp and Mt. Hood Meadows Sunday morning, December 4th?

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Mount Hood got some serious snow this week. Photo by Asit Rathod

The Snow Gods have been smiling down upon Mount Hood, and forecasts are calling for another foot and a half of fresh snow to fall this weekend.

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Not yet. But soon.

The great season-opening snowstorm that we've all been waiting for has not quite materialized, but Mount Hood did pick up enough snow over Thanksgiving to allow limited openings at Timberline and Mt. Hood Meadows this weekend.

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