The early-season snow on Hood has been deep, light and exhilarating. Rider: Jason Murray, Photos by Grant Myrdalg

A barrage of powerful winter storms have blanketed Mount Hood with a deep layer of light, fluffy snow, and skiers and snowboarders have been hitting it hard.

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So how many accidents and spin-outs did you count on Hwy 35 between Government Camp and Mt. Hood Meadows Sunday morning, December 4th?

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Mount Hood got some serious snow this week. Photo by Asit Rathod

The Snow Gods have been smiling down upon Mount Hood, and forecasts are calling for another foot and a half of fresh snow to fall this weekend.

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Not yet. But soon.

The great season-opening snowstorm that we've all been waiting for has not quite materialized, but Mount Hood did pick up enough snow over Thanksgiving to allow limited openings at Timberline and Mt. Hood Meadows this weekend.

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Treefort Lifestyle founder Jeff Curry shreds some of Mount Hood's finest. Photo by Dan Brown

A while back, I happened to come across a picture on my Instagram feed from one of my favorite skiers sporting what looked to be some kind of small bag hanging around his neck with this rad-looking tree logo stamped on it.

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Temira samples the snow bounty after another tasty Mount Hood storm. Photo by Grant Myrdal

So what's the snow like?

Or rather, what is it going to be like?

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2 new Pistenbullies, 4 new webcams and a drying rack for 1400 boots are among the off-season improvements to Mt. Hood Meadows.

Skiers and snowboarders may not notice the largest investment at Mt. Hood Meadows  going into the 2016-17 season, but it should improve operations for the largest resort on Mount Hood.

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Wildlife, wetlands and recreation are just some of the issues analyzed in the new 393-page report.

There's a massive real estate deal in the works on Mount Hood, and if you have opinions about it, the Forest Service would like to hear them.

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Katherine Jondro, Olivia Halfen and Samara Davis of SheJumps, an organization with a mission to to increase the participation of women & girls in outdoor activities. Photos by Katherine Jondro

What happens when you gather a group of some of the most bada** women in the NW region, have them join forces in the middle of an incredible up-n-coming ski manufacturing company‚Äôs warehouse, and then stoke them out on the winter season ahead??  Well, I can tell you that ON3P had no idea what they were in store for when they invited the SheJumps crew to their NE Portland factory!!

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Crag Rats gather at Cloud Cap Inn, sporting their black and white wool in this historic photo from the Crag Rat Collection.

Fog hung low in the Hood River Valley on a late October day. The changing leaves of oaks and maples threw bright splotches of red and orange on the wet fall canvass of the Mount Hood foothills as the distinctive summit appeared and disappeared in flirting rain showers.

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