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Snow gods have been good to Hood.

With a 70-inch snow base at 6,000 feet, the 2018-19 Mount Hood ski and snowboard is officially in full swing.

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Omar Akahloun in his Green Dream bus.

EDITOR'S UPDATE, March 2019: Omar and his Green Dream Bus finally got city approval to load and depart from the ReRack parking lot on NE Sandy in Portland. Buses depart for Mount Hood at 7 am.

Omar Akahloun is on a mission to bring back that good mountain vibe of relaxation in a beautiful, stress-free environment.

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Ski patrol helping snowboarder Adam Ski to safety after a rough morning on Mount Hood.

Mt. Hood Meadows had to evacuate 150 skiers and snowboarders from its Blue Chair today after a serious ice and snow storm upended lift operations.

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Meadows is now open seven days a week, with Cascade running as conditions permit.

Mt. Hood Meadows is gearing up for the peak winter season with fresh snow, increased transportation options, and a variety of operational upgrades.

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Whether you're a veteran shredder or a first-timer, it's tough to beat a full set-up for 40 bucks.

Here's a one-day-only opportunity for some great deals on snowboard gear in Portland.

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It's hard to beat a pow day on the Upper Bowl - when there's snow.

Mt. Hood Skibowl has some of the best runs on the mountain - when there is snow.

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A visualization model of the newly discovered Mount Hood Fault Zone, images courtesy of study co-author Ashley R. Streig

The newly discovered Mount Hood Fault Zone adds an admittedly ominous but also quite fascinating layer of underlying complexity to one of the most climbed, skied and beloved mountains on the planet. So what is the Mount Hood Fault Zone? Where exactly is it located? How was it discovered, and what can we learn from the research?

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Breeding wolves have returned to Mount Hood.

Decades after they were run out of Western Oregon by human encroachment, wild wolves have found their way back to the Mount Hood wilderness, where they are breeding, hunting, and surviving.

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Nice kitty. Please. Pic courtesy US Fish & Wildlife, through Creative Commons

Before we wade into a discussion of the beautiful, powerful creatures known as pumas or mountain lions or cougars, we should first acknowledge that it would be absolutely terrifying to be stalked and mauled by a wild cat that large, powerful, and quick.

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Ski season is upon us!

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