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A $25 million effort to improve Highway 26. Photo courtesy of ODOT.

ODOT will host an open house Tuesday, January 21 at the Resort at the Mountain to discuss plans to improve safety along U.S. 26 between of Kiwanis Camp Road and Skibowl West.

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If the lot is built near Enid Lake, a pedestrian bridge will be necessary.

The popular Mirror Lake hiking and snowshoeing trail could get a new parking lot just west of Government Camp, with a pedestrian bridge over Highway 26 and a park-and-ride transit stop with connections to Mount Hood resorts.

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Seven trips a day, seven days a week.

Carless? Need to get up to Mount Hood? The Mountain Express is running seven days a week from Sandy to Timberline Lodge for $2 one-way or 30 trips for $20. Here is the full winter schedule. Zoom into the image above for details.

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The driver of this Toyota Corolla hit some gravel and rolled over into a ditch, but walked away with just a ticket.

If you were heading back from the Palmer Snowfield Sunday afternoon you no doubt saw the upside-down car in the ditch.

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Driving up into the snow? You'll need a Sno*Park permit. Photo courtesy ODOT.

As of November 1, 2013, Washington Sno-Park permits will no longer be accepted in Oregon, and vice versa. If you plan on shredding both Crystal and Hood this winter, you will need two windshield stickers.

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The view sure would be sweet.

Like the idea of an aerial tram connecting Government Camp to Timberline Lodge? If so, you aren't alone.

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A three-year rock-blasting project to widen Highway 26 may commit a few Silent Rock infractions, but it should also make the trip back to Portland safer.

A three-year rock-blasting project to widen Highway 26 may commit a few Silent Rock infractions, but it should also make the trip back to Portland safer.

Work is scheduled to begin in April 2014 on a rock-blasting project that will widen Highway 26, extend westbound passing lanes and build a 2.3-mile concrete median just west of Skibowl.

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Riders and employees can now take public transit all the way to Timberline Lodge.

Editor's Note: The information in this article has been updated in a follow-up story about the renamed and expanded Mt. Hood Express running from Sandy to Mount Hood seven days a week.

The Mt. Hood Express bus line has expanded its service to Skibowl and Timberline with buses running seven days a week, seven times a day during the winter season, December 1-March 31.

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Nothing worse than rolling home from a fine day on the mountain and running into a bumper-to-bumper mess of tailights backed up on solid ice from Timberline Road to Welches. Traffic, parking and safety are real problems on Mount Hood. So what can be done about them?

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Chains are required after a big snow dump. Or are they? Actually, four-wheel-drive vehicles are exempt. Photo courtesy ODOT

You know it's going to be fun on the mountain when you drive under the big electronic sign that reads CHAINS REQUIRED. Probably the last thing you'll want to do at that moment is pull over, climb under your vehicle and freeze your hands off futzing with chains. Well, you may not have to. Here are some key things to know about chain laws and best practices in Oregon.

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