Photo courtesy of ODOT.

The latest information about the U.S. 26 Safety Project has been posted on a new ODOT website that is taking comments and input from the public.

The open house website was created following an open house January 21 at the Inn at the Mountain.

ODOT's original plan for improving Highway 26 involved widening the road, blasting rocks and building a concrete barrier in the center of the highway 2.3 miles long, to prevent cross-over head-on collisions. The plan did not call for the blasting of Silent Rock, but it did call for extensive rock-blasting near Silent Rock.

However, contractor bids for the project came in substantially higher than expected, forcing ODOT  to modify the plan for a second round of bidding.

The details about how the plan has changed are all on the new ODOT website, along with a video presentation and a comments section.

The budget for the Hwy. 26 safety project is $25 million.