Driving up into the snow? You'll need a Sno*Park permit. Photo courtesy ODOT.

As of November 1, 2013, Washington Sno-Park permits will no longer be accepted in Oregon, and vice versa. If you plan on shredding both Crystal and Hood this winter, you will need two windshield stickers.

Parking at all Mount Hood ski resorts and backcountry entry points in the Mount Hood National Forest requires a Sno-Park permit. The baseline cost is $25 for the season (November 1-April 30), $4 per day, or $9 for three consecutive days. Private vendors are allowed to charge more, so they usually tack on $5 or $10 for resale.

The fine for parking without an Oregon Sno-Park pass is $30.

For 35 winters, Washington state accepted Oregon Sno-Park passes and vice versa. But this year Washington decided to stop honoring Oregon permits for cost reasons, and Oregon quickly followed suit.

Good news for Schweitzer and Squaw fans: Sno-Park permits from Idaho and California will still work in Oregon, and vice versa. Just not in Washington.

Washington state charges $40 for a season Sno-Park permit, and a whopping $20 for a one-day permit. Twenty bucks to park on public property for one afternoon? Sheesh.

Okay I'll stop. Back to the facts. Here's where you can buy your Oregon Sno-Park permit:

Any Oregon DMV office - but this comes with a couple of caveats. First of all, it involves spending time at a DMV. Second, DMV does not accept credit cards or debit cards, although they do accept money orders just in case you happen to be carrying a money order around in your wallet.

At the ticket counter at any Mount Hood ski and snowboard resort.

From the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol. If you buy from this volunteer nonprofit organization, you can write off the cost as a tax deduction.

Or at pretty much any business in Govy, plus dozens more in Portland, Hood River, Welches, Sandy and all over Oregon.

Here is a link to the full - and quite extensive - list of private vendors selling Sno-Park permits valid for Mount Hood. There are 16 options in Portland alone. Keep in mind that at least one of the businesses on the list, the Ski Chalet, no longer exist. So call before driving.

Any vendor you particularly recommend? Any opinions on the parking situation and costs on the mountain? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or contribute a comment below.