Liability releases no longer protect resorts from lawsuits alleging negligence.

The Oregon Supreme Court's recent decision that liability waivers violate the public interest and are invalid and "unconscionable" is the most significant court ruling in Oregon's recreational industry in years.

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Mount Hood resorts pulled in 1.78 million visits in 2013-14.

Poor early-season snow conditions took their toll on Mt. Hood resorts in 2013-14, as visit numbers dropped by nearly 100,000 from a record high the previous season.

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Snow, rain, rain/snow.

Mt. Hood resorts got hit with a barrage of rain this week that washed away plans for a three-day weekend in the snow.

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We got a foot and a half of new snow over the weekend, but the forecast looks wet.

Mt. Hood Meadows and Timberline are hoping the rain doesn't wash away their bases after picking up a foot and a half of new snow over the weekend.

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The park-and-ride probably would have meant fewer cars on the road and in resort parking lots, less fuel burned and fewer accidents.

After facing strong opposition at a community hearing, Mt. Hood Meadows has rescinded its plan to develop a 179-parking-space park-and-ride across the street from the Mt. Hood General Store on Highway 35.

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Meadows has been investing in snowmaking, grooming and technology.

A new flow park on Shooting Star Ridge and allegedly improved AT&T service at the base lodge are on the way as Mt. Hood Meadows heads into winter with a batch of new initiatives involving grooming, parks, and technology.

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Skibowl got a grant through the Forest Service to install new support posts and perform masonry work on the Historic Waming Hut.

Skibowl is heading into the winter season with new lockers, stronger Wi-Fi, an improved computer system for rentals, a new conveyor lift for beginners, and some much needed upgrades to the Historic Mid-Mountain Warming Hut. Now all they need is snow — preferably lots of it.

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Timberline's parks are a huge draw for Fusion Pass holders.

Mt. Hood Fusion Pass holders will get free days at 11 resorts throughout the west in addition to unlimited slope time at Timberline and Skibowl in 2014-15, as the Powder Alliance adds British Columbia's Silver Star Mountain to its offerings.

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When the conditions are this good there is no reason to drive five hours. But they aren't always this good.

Season pass holders for Mt. Hood Meadows will get five free days at Mt. Baker in 2014-15 as part of a new partnership between two classic Pacific Northwest resorts.

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The Human Hamster Wheel, or Aqua Roller if you prefer, is one of the more original features at Skibowl in summer.

Human hamster wheels? Got 'em.

Tarzan swing? Check.

Mini race cars? Yep.

Rickety tree bridges? Check.

Batting cages? Smack.

Bungee Trampolines? Oh yeah.

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