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A Fusion Pass gets you Timberline's parks, Skibowl's steeps and access to 10 other Western resorts. Boarder: Rick Millett

The Mt. Hood Fusion pass comes with an added bonus this year: access to 10 Western resorts including Crested Butte, Steven's Pass and Schweitzer.

Timberline and Skibowl are now members of the Powder Alliance, a group of 12 resorts that cooperate with each other to offer more value to pass-holders. If you buy a Fusion Pass, you get full access to Timberline and Skibowl with no blackout dates and up to three free non-peak lift tickets at the 10 other resorts in the Alliance.

That's 30 extra free lift tickets. All you have to do is get there. Ideal for people with no jobs but money for travel, or people with jobs that require travel throughout the Western states.

Mt. Hood Fusion passes are selling for a discounted $495 through November 3rd, $349 for teens and $249 for juniors 7-14 and seniors 65-70. Prices will rise November 4th.

The Powder Alliance resorts partnered up with Skibowl and Timberline are:

"This Powder Alliance deal is huge for us," says Skibowl's Operations Manager, Hans Wipper. "It's a free addition to something that's already a really good deal. you're already getting America's largest night skiing area and the longest season on the mountain. Now you get all sorts of new options. If you've ever wanted to check out one of these resorts before, well now you have an excuse."

Fusion passes will be sold at the Mt. Hood Snow Sports Swap Oct. 4-5, the Portland Ski Fever & Snowboard Show November 15-17 and at various ski and snowboard shops and Subaru dealerships, as well as at Timberline and Skibowl once the fall seasons begin.

Mt. Hood Meadows is also offering discounted season passes through November 3rd: $499 for ages 23-64, $379 for ages 65-74, $349 for ages 15-22, and $249 for ages 7-14.