The big storm hasn't hit yet, but Mt. Hood Meadows already has announced that it plans to operate seven days a week from Thanksgiving weekend forward.

Meadows announced the planned shift to daily operations on their website at 3:38 am Saturday, November, 30, writing, "A major storm is blowing in this weekend which has the potential to dump lots of snow. We're planning on operating daily from 9 AM - 4 PM beyond this holiday weekend. So yes, we plan on being open Monday, Tuesday, and every day the rest of the season. Now what will be open and what lifts can operate will be determined by the storm and snow conditions. We'll update operations on our conditions page."

Meadows operated a few lifts last weekend and this weekend, but snow coverage has been limited after the last snowstorm was followed by rain and high temperatures. The coming snowstorm is expected to last, with temperatures dropping to near-record lows next week.

The cold spell should allow for snowmaking at both Meadows and Skibowl. Skibowl is open for tubing this weekend but has yet to open for skiing and snowboarding in 2013-14.

Timberline began daily operations on November 22.