Every once in a while the smell of rotten eggs wafting over from Devil's Kitchen serves as a reminder that Mount Hood is a volcano that has erupted before, and will erupt again. What will happen next time it erupts? And how much warning will there be?

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Mud and rocks are showing through in a low-snow year.

The snow level on Mount Hood is well below average for this time of year, forcing race cancellations and limited resort operations.

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The Tesla Model X will launch in 2014 with all-wheel drive, no tailpipe emissions and plenty of pop. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Oregon's Electric Highway now has a rest-and-recharge stop on Mount Hood. Does this mean electric vehicles have a future as snow rides?

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Mount Hood's glaciers are shrinking.

Freeriding legend Jeremy Jones can shred it with the best of them. A top snowboard racer in his youth, he switched from salted ice to big mountain riding for films such as "Further" to rip the steepest and deepest powder he could find. All that time in deep snow got him to wondering how much of it will be around in the future.

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