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It all flows downhill.

The annual cleanup of the headwaters of the Salmon River on Mount Hood will be followed by an on-the-water cleanup of the lower Sandy River, a week later and 50 miles downstream, so if you miss any plastic trash on the first day you still might be able to snag it before it reaches the ocean.

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120 acres from the left side of this photo for 770 acres on the right side makes a compelling deal for Mt. Hood - if it were allowed to happen.

Why is everyone so angry at the Forest Service these days? The federal agency with jurisdiction over Mount Hood and its glaciers, forests and streams is getting slammed by senators, sued by citizens and ridiculed far and wide for its inertia, nit-picking and general cluelessness over the Mt. Hood Land Exchange. Why?

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The Tesla Powerwall allows homeowners to use solar energy at night.

Imagine a battery mounted on the side of your house that stores all of the energy generated by the solar panels on your roof, so you can use solar energy when the sun isn't shining.

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Snow levels on Mount Hood have been below average two years in a row, but that doesn't mean Portland faces drought.

There are many places in the world that can justifiably say they are struggling with drought this spring. Portland is not among those places.

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Ice stalagmites inside a glacier cave on Mount Hood. Photos by Brent McGregor

For Brent McGregor, the glacier caves of Mount Hood are a place of endless fascination.

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Rocks are rearing their ugly heads on Mount Hood, making January look like July.

Midway between the heavy rainstorm that swamped Mount Hood on Saturday, Jan. 17 and the record-high heat of Sunday, Jan. 25, I took a midweek day off to make some turns with my 10-year-old daughter, Melina. A news item about climate change came on the radio as we were driving up from Portland to the mountain, and I found myself trying to explain the relationship between human progress, fossil fuels, greenhouse gases and the lack of snow on the mountain we have been enjoying together since Melina was four.

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A Timberline employee blows rock salt onto a terrain park jump.

It takes work for Timberline to maintain its status as the ski and snowboard resort with the longest-running snow season in North America. It also takes a lot of salt.

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The ice caves of Sandy Glacier are beautiful, and they are melting. Photo courtesy of Uncage the Soul Productions and Off the Wall Media.

"Requiem of Ice," the new film from Portland-based Uncage the Soul Productions, doesn't just delve deep into the inner-most regions of the ice caves of Mount Hood's Sandy Glacier. It attempts to capture the character and voice of the glacier cave itself.

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Is this Mount Hood's lone wolf? Photo by Sean Jacks.

UPDATE, 5/29/2014: After checking with several wildlife experts, the consensus seems to be that the would-be wolf was actually a relatively rare Cascade Fox.

If you frequent the Mazot at Mt. Hood Meadows, you probably know Dan Kneip and Sean Jacks. These two season pass holders are Mount Hood regulars, with over 120 days on snow between them in 2013-14. Sean has thousands of photos documenting their mountain adventures, including a couple of shots snagged on May 11 showing a bushy-tailed canine climbing up into the rocks above Cascade Chair. Could this be the elusive lone Mount Hood wolf we've been hearing about?

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Eliot Glacier on the northeast slope of Mount Hood is the mountain's largest glacier by volume.

The inconvenient truth is that Mount Hood's glaciers are shrinking. Does something need to be done about this? What can be done?

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