Nice kitty. Please. Pic courtesy US Fish & Wildlife, through Creative Commons

Before we wade into the discussion of the beautiful, powerful creatures known as pumas or mountain lions or cougars, we should first acknowledge that it would be absolutely terrifying to be stalked or pounced by a wild cat that large, strong, and clever.

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The View from Heather Chair serves as a reminder of an environment worth protecting.

Mt. Hood Meadows has added to its green credentials by being named “Recycler of the Year” in the business category by the Association of Oregon Recyclers.

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Please don't erupt any time soon.

Mount Hood made news in spring of 2016 when scientists reported 77 minor earthquakes swarming the mountain over 24 hours.

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This map shows the two parcels of land uphill from Govy that would become Mt. Hood Meadows property in exchange for 770 acres around Cooper Spur. The two parcels extend from across the street from the Mt. Hood Brewery to Summit Ski Area.

A Mt. Hood Land Exchange bill authored by U.S. Representative Greg Walden gained unanimous approval from the House Natural Resources Committee on March 16, a big step toward closing a deal that has been stuck in a bureaucratic quagmire for years.

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Russ Plaeger of Bark, exploring Heather Canyon.

Russ Plaeger and Casey Gatz may not agree on many things when it comes to the forests of Mt. Hood, but they do share the perspective that 100-plus years of stopping every wildfire has created a large and complicated problem.

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The East Fork of Hood River

Activists with the environmental group Bark, who call themselves the “defenders of Mount Hood,” are challenging a 3,000-acre timber sale planned for the north side of the mountain.

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Matthew Drake, President of Mt. Hood Meadows.

Mt. Hood Meadows President Matthew Drake and his allies have been trying for years to complete an ambitious land deal that would protect more than 700 acres around Cooper Spur and make Meadows a major property owner in the nearby Mt. Hood town of Government Camp.

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It all flows downhill.

The annual cleanup of the headwaters of the Salmon River on Mount Hood will be followed by an on-the-water cleanup of the lower Sandy River, a week later and 50 miles downstream, so if you miss any plastic trash on the first day you still might be able to snag it before it reaches the ocean.

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120 acres from the left side of this photo for 770 acres on the right side makes a compelling deal for Mt. Hood - if it were allowed to happen.

Why is everyone so angry at the Forest Service these days? The federal agency with jurisdiction over Mount Hood and its glaciers, forests and streams is getting slammed by senators, sued by citizens and ridiculed far and wide for its inertia, nit-picking and general cluelessness over the Mt. Hood Land Exchange. Why?

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The Tesla Powerwall allows homeowners to use solar energy at night.

Imagine a battery mounted on the side of your house that stores all of the energy generated by the solar panels on your roof, so you can use solar energy when the sun isn't shining.

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