SOS riders enjoying Mount Hood.

Love to ride Mount Hood? Want to give back to the community?

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You call that praying?

The 2013 Pray for Snow bash rocked and rolled well into the morning hours with prizes, revelry and dancing, plus a steady supply of fresh snow to keep spirits high.

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Photo by Richard Hallman

Tommy Ellingson and his Home Grown crew rocked the house Friday night with a jam-packed screening of their new Mount Hood ski film Nostalgia. It was a one-of-a-kind event, and here's why:

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Norma Jeane on Mount Hood in 1945, photographed by Andre de Dienes.

You probably recognize this lovely young woman enjoying the fresh snow on Mount Hood. Her name was still Norma Jeane then, and she was about to set out on an epic road trip with the great photographer Andre de Dienes.

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