He-Man, aka Jason Murray, shredding powder. Photo by Grant Myrdal.

Jason Murray has been surfing since he was two years old and worked for years as the photo editor for Surfer Magazine. So he is more than slightly familiar with the sensation of gliding over water. But he had never skimmed across a freezing cold pond on a snowboard before Saturday, April 26.

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Ski to Defeat ALS 2014 was a huge success.

I will never forget when I found out Fred Noble had ALS: It was a powder day at Mt. Hood Meadows, and I came to the season locker room to change goggles and put away my camera. Fred’s locker was nearby, and he was sitting on the bench. Fred sitting on a powder day was not something I had seen before…so I asked him what was wrong. He told me he couldn’t feel his feet…and doctors had told him they thought it was ALS.

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Dale Parshall won the vertical challenge with over 61,000 feet in six hours.

Skiers and snowboarders have raised more than $150,000 to defeat ALS this year, and donations are still coming in after a leg-burning vertical challenge Saturday, April 12 at Mt. Hood Meadows.

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Victor Burch enjoys the ride down Mount Hood, with support from Troops Triumph volunteers.

The third annual Troops Triumph day went off Sunday, April 13 at Timberline with perfect Mount Hood spring conditions and lots of smiles from the veterans who participated.

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Jake Woodard and his Mount Hood buddies, with smiles all around.

43-year-old snowboarder and Portland REI employee Jake Woodard took home $500 and a new GoPro camera for winning first place in the 2014 Meadows Film Fest with his lively GoPro edit, "Smiles All Around."

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Photo by Sean Jacks

When the Oregon rain hits you and pummels you and soaks you to the bone for hour after hour, it can be hard not to ask yourself, “What am I doing out here? Why?“

That was not the case for the 2014 Hope on the Slopes 24-hour vertical challenge at Mt. Hood Skibowl. We knew exactly why we were out there in the rain: To celebrate life and fight cancer. Come rain, come base-camp-destroying mini-tornadoes, come slushy groomers and sticky side-trails and snail-like lift rides, we were in it for the long haul.

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The author with brewmaster Brandon Sawyer

What could possibly be better than a nice cold beer after a day of shredding powder?

How about a beer you made yourself, to share with your mountain friends?

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Map by Emilio Trampuz

Once a year, on the first Saturday in March, we can experience skiing the way it was done before there were ski lifts on Mt. Hood.

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King Winter John Wilberding with Skiyente member Linda Hilliard Matusow

It was a perfect day to celebrate the coronation of a new King Winter. The temperature was bitterly cold, the wind was almost gale-force, the snow wasn't just falling – it was blasting down.  Only those who truly love winter and the kind of weather that would put snow on Mt. Hood would dare to venture outside.

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It turns out that humans may have started skiing before they invented the wheel.

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