King Winter Henry Bendinelli at the Mt. Hood Culture Museum. Photo by Melina Jacklet.

The Skiyente Ski Club honored 90-year-old Mount Hood regular Henry "Hank" Bendinelli as King Winter Saturday night with an evening of dining, dancing, celebrating and story-telling.

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Ski the Glade participants enjoy the snow in 2013. Photo courtesy of the Mt. Hood Cultural Museum

The annual Ski the Glade fundraiser is still officially on for Saturday, March 7 — even though there isn't any snow to be found on the 3.5-mile Glade Trail from Timberline Lodge to Government Camp.

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BIGGEST DOUGHNUT EVER!!!! Doughnut dude/shuttle driver Damon with Asit Rathod at Mt. Hood Meadows.

Call it climate change or the natural rhythm of our earth, but all I know about the last few years here on Mount Hood is that it doesn't snow much in December and January.  Still, even in a low-snow year, nothing lifts the spirits more than a last-minute mini-vacation to Mount Hood.

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It's a blurry old snapshot, but this picture tells the story of three Mount Hood locals traveling to the Camp of Champions in 1998 with their homemade twin-tip skis. Griffin Cummings on the left, Ben Bliesner in the center, and Josh Frazier on the right.

Editor's Note: We're busting this story out from the archives for two reasons: 1, it's a good read that shouldn't be buried. And 2, it is a story that says a lot about modern skiing and the Mt. Hood' community's do-it-yourself spirit of innovation.

Griffin Cummings wasn’t thinking about reinventing skiing the day he decided to snap the tails off his skis on Mount Hood. He was just sick and tired of smacking his head into the hard snow.

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Darcy Bacha's photo of Sammy Carlson won Powder's photo of the year in 2012. His 2014 shot may be even better. Photo courtesy of Darcy Bacha.

You know you've made it in action photography when you travel 30 hours on airplanes to get to a country you know nothing about and work your way through customs with a visa that has your name spelled wrong.

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Urban skiers take over the Pearl for a Portland Birkie.

Oregon Public Broadcasting will run a story about the great Stumptown Birkie urban ski races of February 2014 during the Oregon Field Guide episode scheduled for 8:30 pm November 20.

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Olympic champion David Wise takes indoor skiing to a whole new level at the Portland SkiFever show. Photo by Dan Schindler.

34 years ago, U.S. Freestyle Ski Team veteran Dan Schindler convinced the big Portland ski shops to put aside their differences and work together on a huge preseason ski festival to get people pumped up for good times in mountain snow.

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Jay Pollock skied more than 60,000 feet of vertical in six hours for Ski to Defeat ALS 2014. How many feet could he rack up in six months?

After years of organizing single-day vertical challenge fundraisers to fight cancer, Hope on the Slopes is now launching a full-season contest to track your turns anywhere you ski or snowboard.

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Shred Hood Editor Ben Jacklet with Far West Ski Association President Linda Scott. Shred Hood won the Bill Berry Award for news coverage. Photo by Emilio Trampuz.

Mount Hood locals Emilio Trampuz, Christopher Van Tilburg, Lee Perry and Shred Hood took home some significant awards this June in recognition of their contributions to the culture of skiing and snowboarding in writing, advocacy, environmental stewardship, historical preservation and service.

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Tony Carleton on Mount Hood in 1953, when he set up what may have been the nation's first summer ski school.

Each summer on Mount Hood, some of the hottest racers, snowboarders and free skiers in the world congregate at Timberline to take advantage of the longest snow season in North America. Ted Ligety, Kelly Clark, Sage Kotsenburg and Nick Goepper are all Mount Hood summer regulars, along with many others. So how did all this start? And who started it?

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