A Mt. Hood tradition for skiers and their pals. Photos by Lisa Miller, USFS.

Ski the Glade happens annually in March and it is a true bucket list event for any Mt. Hood skier or snowboarder.

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Greg Coulter rips through another mount job at the Next Adventure Tune Shop.

It’s Friday morning at the Next Adventure tune shop, and Greg Coulter and his team are cranking through one pair of skis after another, drilling holes, tweaking bindings, grinding bases, working their way through a big backlog now that the snow has returned to Mount Hood and the floodgates have opened.

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Chill kids enjoying the night light. Photo courtesy of Michael Watts

Not everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy that sweet feeling of gravity taking you for a ride. Millions of people ski or snowboard regularly, so they know exactly what I'm talking about. But billions of people don't. Including thousands of people a short drive away from Mount Hood.

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All eyes on the stage as The Sammy C Project makes its debut in Portland.

Sammy Carlson's opening-night screening of his first feature-length film The Sammy C Project drew a rowdy crowd of about 1,000 fans at the Roseland Theater in downtown Portland Friday night.

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Skier: Asit Rathod. Photo: Randy Boverman

Hard-core climber and backcountry rider Jarod Cogswell is offering Shred Hood readers a $50 discount on his FIT Academy's new dryland training program for skiers and snowboarders.

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Gus Kenworthy soaring at Skibowl. Photo montage by Steve Garretson

It was big news when freeskiing Olympian Gus Kenworthy became the first World Champion action sport athlete to come out as gay. Or was it?

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Ingrid Backstrom doing her thing.

Super-skier Ingrid Backstrom will appear at the Chasing Shadows Warren Miller film in downtown Portland Friday night.

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We are so due. Photo by Grant Myrdal

Recent history teaches us that only a fool would forecast Mount Hood winter weather in October. So I am going to resist the temptation to predict a huge snow year for 2015-16, El Nino or no. But one thing I can predict with full confidence is that many, many good times will be had on Mount Hood this winter.

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Harold Hamilton in his tricked-out 1951 Tucker 443

Harold Hamilton rolled his 1951 Tucker 443 out of the shop in Scapoose, Oregon just in time for the Cat’s Meow Jamboree on Mount Hood.

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Julia Mayfield, Gary Bakkala, Julie Noble Bakkala and Lance Christian kick off the festivities for Ski to Defeat ALS 2015. Photos by Randy Boverman

Organizers, volunteers and Mount Hood skiers have rallied to raise more than $75,000 and counting for the ALS Association in spite of tough snow conditions and the loss of charismatic front-man Fred Noble.

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