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Maya Barnard-Davidson continues to recover from her New Year's Eve accident on Mount Hood. Photo courtesy of Candy Barnard-Davidson

It wasn't much of a snow year, but there was no shortage of riveting stories up on Mount Hood this past season.

Here are the top 10 Shred Hood stories of 2014-15, ranked by page views, plus brief updates:

1.  Maya Barnard-Davidson progresses out of the hospital after her New Year's Eve ski accident. Maya made it out of her coma, out of the hospital and through rehabilitation in Portland. She is back in her home town of The Dalles with her family, recovering from the lingering effects of traumatic brain injury.

2. The Mount Hood Roots of Twin Tip Skiing. This story about the teenage innovations of Ben Bleisner, Griffin Cummings and Joshua Frasier spread far and wide.


3. An Outpouring of Love and Sadness as Lisa Moulding dies from Cancer. Lisa is remembered and missed.

4. Oregon Supreme Decision raises Large Questions for Resorts, Skiers and Snowboarders. The resorts attempted to address the effects of this controversial decision through legislation, but their bill died in committee.

5. The Young Skier Who Died New Year's Eve is Remembered and Mourned. Brian Fletcher was a 37-year-old ex-racer who died at Skibowl in a tragic fluke accident.

6. Locals respond quickly to rescue an injured friend trapped in a Burning Building. She was trapped inside a burning condo with a broken femur and some agile snowboarders arrived just in time.


7. Austin Warren survives a Crazy Day on Mount Hood. The popular Meadows bartender and snowboarder fell into a crevasse and had to climb out without a rope, but he made it. Not long after that misadventure, Austin suffered a serious paragliding accident. He is recovering from his injuries and trying to raise money to help with his hospital bills.

8. ON3P Cranks up Production for its Biggest Season Yet in Portland. The local ski manufacturers are still building with pride in Portland, and they've got a summer sale going to make way for next year's models.

9. Racers, Family and Friends bid a Fond Farewell to the Cato Memorial. 25 years of camaraderie for the racing community, and healing for the family of the late Christine Cato.


10. How in the World did this Guy climb Adams, run to Hood, and then climb Hood?  An outstanding effort from 42-year-old PSU professor Christof Teuscher.  We have no idea what he will accomplish next, but we're guessing it will be large.