Now that's a powder smile. Anyone recognize this powder hound? Photo by Grant Myrdal

It was fun while it lasted.

Seven feet of fresh snow in 10 days made for some outstanding deep-powder adventures from Private Reserve to Accelerator and many points in between. The snow was chest-deep in spots, and the air was filled with avalanche blasts and powder whoops.

Sadly, the snow turned into rain Sunday night, and borderline temperatures are expected to linger on Mount Hood through the week.

In the meantime, check out these gorgeous slide shows courtesy of Grant Myrdal Photography. Feel free to tag and share pictures of anyone you recognize, and help us out with captions by writing names in the comments section below. Also if you were up shredding powder at Meadows last week, Grant may have a photo of you in his archives. You can check his website here.

The first slideshow is a collection of photos by Grant Myrdal, shot in three stellar locations that finally opened for shredding last week: Powder Keg, Upper Heather Canyon and Clark Canyon.

Deep pow in Private Reserve, photo by Grant Myrdal Photography

The second slideshow is from Grant's assistant Dylan Newman, who was set up in Rock Garden last Friday for blue skies and deep snow.

Rock Garden, Friday, Feb. 21, photo by Dylan Newman (Grant Myrdal Photography)

Here's to another seven feet or so of that delicious, silky powder. No more rain thanks. We're good on that.