Austin Warren near the fumarole on the south side of Mount Hood. Photo by Robbie Walsh

If you happen to run into Austin Warren on Mount Hood or at the Mazot, ask him about his recent adventure shredding down from the summit last week, because it is one captivating story, and he will be the first to tell you that he is lucky he is still alive.

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Rosenbarger's Instagram feed shows one deep powder shot after another.

“American Dave” Rosenbarger, who grew up skiing Oregon and moved to France to ski pristine powder, died in an avalanche today on the Italian side of Mont Blanc.

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Photo courtesy of Dan Sherwood.

Portland-based professional photographer Dan Sherwood snagged some amazing photos of Tommy Ellingson and friends last summer solstice up on Illumination Saddle, and one of them is up against some strong competition in a National Geographic photo contest.

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Kjell Sporseen died Sunday in a speed-flying accident. Photos courtesy of the Sporseen family.

Kjell Sporseen died Sunday, November 30 in a speed-flying accident in the Columbia River Gorge.

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You'll want the right gear if you ever get a chance to ski the Haute Route from France to Switzerland. Photo by Christopher Van Tilburg.

The one-ski quiver is difficult to pull off. So, I decided to go for two this year.

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Sammy C shredding Meadows in December 2013, with Mount Jeff in the background.

UPDATE: The votes are in, and Sammy won. Oregon-born-and-raised freeskier extraordinaire Sammy Carlson is the defending champion of the Real Ski Backcountry X Games competition, and his jaw-dropping 2014 video shows why won again this year.

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Tommy Ellingson, Josh Larkin and the Homegrown crew spent the summer solstice and the week following exploring Illumination Saddle at 9300 feet and catching some fine air off of their hand-built jumps.

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Ben McKinley above the clouds on Mount Hood. Photo by Scott Rice.

Ben McKinley understands the importance of timing when it comes to skiing Mount Hood in late May. That's why he woke up at 3:20 am on a Saturday, to get started early and make it up to Wy'East Face for some perfect spring snow.

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Photo by Jeremy Rooper.

I keep telling people on Mount Hood that uphilll/downhill races are way more fun than you might think, but relatively few people seem to believe me. Well, this year's Ram's Head Randonee served as proof that skinning it up and tucking it down followed by beer, barbecue and prizes can be an absolute blast. So long as you avoid doing what I did near the finish line.

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John Loseth descending Reid Headwall. Photo by Yiorgos Makris.

March 22-23, 2014 turned out to be one of these weekends we don't get too often on Mount Hood: Two days with perfect weather for climbing and skiing.

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